Conservation, Restoration & Repair Projects:

Australia Street Stained Glass has been involved in numerous heritage projects over the past 20 years- often in partnership with colleague and glass-painter, Wolfgang Jansen of Architectural Stained Glass, Paddington. Projects have included:

The University of Sydney:

  1. Main Quad: repair & replicate tracery leadlights/ replace leadlights set in sandstone reveals
  2. Great Hall: conservation of stained glass windows
  3. Nicholson Museum: leadlight repairs
  4. Old Teachers College: re-lead Gothic door panels
  5. Anderson Stuart Building: reconstruction of leadlights & conservation of stained glass
  6. The Clock Tower: conservation/restoration of leadlights
  7. Botany Building: repair and replace leadlights
  • Greenoaks (Thomas Mort’s Blackett designed residence at Darling Point) Extensive restoration/conservation of leaded and stained glass windows
  • Fairfax House, The Scotts College  Restoration of stained glass roundel and lattice windows
  • Boomerang, Pott's Point Spanish Mission style ceiling light
  • Wesley College Maintenance and replacement of leaded and stained glass window
  • St Johns College Maintenance of leaded windows and repairs to stained glass
  • Sancta Sophia College Maintenance and replacement of leaded windows
  • Randwick Uniting Church Reconstruction of 19th-century stencilled glass windows
  • Hepfiba Tongan Church Redfern Restoration of Victorian leadlights
  • St Mary's Church Erskinville Rebuild 15 light stained glass window
  • St John's Birchgrove Restore/rebuild main stained glass window over alter
  • Fijian Uniting Church Canterbury Extensive leadlight repairs
  • St Matthias Church Hall Paddington Restoration of hail-damaged 19th century leadlights
  • Fox Studios Complex Restoration of ceiling domes
  • Petersham Town Hall Repairs to Art Deco copper-skylights
  • Marrickville Town Hall Conservation and cleaning of skylights

repairs in the workshop

Victorian domestic stained glass; border and perimeter lead  being replaced at the bench


badly damaged leadlight insurance repair

Perhaps one of the oldest leadlights in Australia, the above panel from 'Greenoaks', Darling Point (c1850), has undergone numerous repairs over its lifetime. The hail storm of April 1999 brought the final insult, and about a dozen panels like this were removed for restoration and material conservation.

In this case, rubbings were taken of each leadlight and individual patterns made to retain subtle variations from panel to panel. Most of the original glass was retained, and where possible, fragments were re-cut and used for smaller shapes. Mouth-blown antique glass, of nearly perfect colour and texture, was found for both the pale amber and champagne pinks while the broken clear glass was replaced using a combination of German restorer's glass and salvaged late nineteenth-century drawn glass. Lead cames (H-channel) were of extruded lead matching the original in both profile and weight.

While this leadlight represents an extreme case of deterioration and damage, requiring full restoration, Australia Street Stained Glass has a policy of minimal intervention in situations of heritage significance.

Where necesssary, Australia Street Stained Glass will engage colleagues with specialised skills, ensuring custodial and heritage values against short-term expediency.

Custodians of churches, halls, and significant buildings can request an informal appraisal of their windows prior to any maintanence or restoration work. Commissioning a condition report will give a more in-depth projection of estimated costs and scope of work required.