"There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person's lawful prey...The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot – it can't be done."         

- John Ruskin

Design and Manufacture are separate fields of expertise: The skills applied to designing and producing work at Australia Street Stained Glass combine our combined experience acquired through professional workshop training in flat-glass techniques, training and experience in reprographic photography and finished art (graphics), technical college training in fine art & design, interior design, fifteen years of textile design, professional colour consulting and experience working with several leading stained glass studios.

Besides this core of knowledge and experience, Patrick's degree in History at Sydney University, including Heritage Studies, means that informed attention is given to the particular conservation values associated with churches, institutions, significant buildings and dwellings.

Pricing work, the most significant cost is the many hours of skilled labour.

Design requirements such as complexity and subtlety of the pattern, quality and quantity of materials, and time involved travelling to site to take measurements and install finished work are also significant factors in determining cost of individual jobs.

A close estimate can usually be given based on sizes and a general outline of your requirements.

A firm quotation is provided on finalising details of design and scope of work.

Initial consultation usually involves a few emails exchanging photos and images, as well as phone calls to discuss colour and design and estimate costs.

Gouache drawings are made for your consideration, then after further discussion and possibly some alterations to colour and design, a firm quote can be given.

Design service is costed according to the complexity and scale of each project.

Design cost: A bespoke full colour design for your 3 to 5 panel front entrance (door panel, side lights and fanlight) or a casement window might cost $300.00-$400.00

Design fee is most often less for a single leadlight and can be significantly lower for simple work.

Feature Windows are those that involve a significant amount of design. Design services estimated on initial consultation and quoted once we have a clear brief.

Your design input: A good place to start the design process is for you to do a bit of research, clarify what you expect, and/or supply images, ideas on colour, pics showing interior features such as tiles and plasterwork and so forth.


Please note that Australia Street stained glass does not compete on cost alone but also on the quality of design, materials used, standard of work, and compliance.


We kindly ask you to respect that our designs remain the intellectual property of Australia Street Stained Glass.